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The focus of Tree of Life Center Within remains the spiritual development of individuals and our community.

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As the Dalai Lama said, “Although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way.”

Tree of Life Center Within promotes world peace through the internal transformation of the individual. We offer mindfully designed classes, retreats, ceremony, meditation practices, and other awakening experiences that encourage inner healing, promote self-discovery, and inspire transformation.

We are a heart-centered community of spiritual practitioners and seekers who are living with intention into our most authentic selves. Come as you are, find your center, heal your heart, and together let’s transform our world!

Tree of Life Center Within evolved out of Tree of Life Community, which was founded by Mary H. Reaman in 2006. Tree of Life Community enjoyed 15 vibrant years as a spiritual community. With the pandemic everything changed, and like many churches and other organizations relying both on donations and gathering in person, Tree of Life Community was confronted with financial and membership challenges that required adaptation.

The Focus

The focus of Tree of Life Center Within remains the spiritual development of individuals and community. Our approach will be centered on offering creative and effective programming that encourages spiritual responsibility in order to enhance our ability to respond authentically and effectively to Life’s challenges and complexity, rather than responding as many of us do, reactively, thus perpetuating our own inner fragmentation and that of the world. By sincerely engaging spiritual practice and other healing modalities, each of us can strengthen our center within and heal our own hearts which we believe is the most powerful thing any of us can do for healing our world.  This is the aim of Tree of Life Center Within!

“At the center of your being,
you have the answer, you know who you are,
and you know what you want.” - Rumi

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The invitation with Tree of Life Center is to turn our focus within and heal the inner fragmentation so we can be part of the healing of humanity.

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