TLC Within

our focus

At TLC Within our mission is to help heal the fragmentation and division in individuals and the world, not contribute to it. We do that by focusing our programs and services around “The Love of Nine Things.” We feel that these nine characteristics are essential attributes for contributing to healthy humans and a healthy humanity.

why the “Love of…”

Love is not indifferent. Love is a force, a propellant, a catalyst. If we don’t do something for the love of it, we are often doing it for reasons that are not congruent with how we actually feel. We do it to please someone else; out of obligation; out of duty; for gain or accomplishment. To do something for the love of it is to start with a pure heart, bring our best to it, while also sensing that there is more to discover, because Love leads us, guides us, unfolds as we do. To do something for the love it is to do it for the joy of it, for the discovery, for that which is not yet known. This is where everything starts for us at Tree of Life Center Within – for the love of it!

the vision

Consciously engaging these nine attributes is a way of restoring balance to our lives, taking full responsibility for our spiritual journey, and challenging the structures, systems and beliefs that hinder our love and development of these things so that we can live wholeheartedly in a world that does its best to keep us fragmented. So come, check out our offerings, for the love of it!

the visionary

Mary Reaman

Mary H. Reaman, founder and steward of TLC Within, is also a Co-Creator offering Reiki sessions, Spiritual Companioning, Art as Meditation sessions, and other workshops and retreats. Mary is also available to create and officiate meaningful ceremonies honoring the threshold moments of life including weddings, funerals, memorials, baby blessings and more. To learn more about Mary, visit her website.