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it's toffee time!

It’s the 2022 Toffee season at TLC and this year we are expanding our inventory to include three new flavors! In addition to our usual toffee favorites of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sea salt, and our specialty flavor white chocolate with orange zest, we we are adding a dark chocolate with orange zest, white chocolate with pretzel, and milk chocolate with sea salt to our toffee repertoire.  
We are taking orders now in order to prepare for our toffee-making weekend on October 20-23, 2022. Orders will be ready for pick up, delivery, or shipping beginning Monday, October 24th, 2022. Our toffee stores easily and makes wonderful gifts for the holiday season and is a hit at office carry-ins!
Our usual favorites are $15/bag and our specialty toffees are $20/bag. All orders are taken online and can be quickly and easily placed below.

made with love

Every Fall Tree of Life Community makes thousands of pounds of scrumptious Toffee. Our toffee has earned a stellar reputation for being the “best toffee ever had” and is now sold and shipped all over the U.S.

Our toffee tradition was handed down to us by our sister community, St. Agnes Catholic Church, when it closed in 2006. The St. Agnes community had been making this toffee since 1980. When TLC opened in the Fall of 2006, many of the original toffee-makers from St. Agnes worked side by side with TLC members who were new to the process, sharing the expertise they had gathered over the 25 years of making a quality product that had gained a loyal following. Some members of our current toffee team still carry over from the St. Agnes days, allowing us to maintain the quality, consistency, and tradition that has made our toffee a favorite for our customers.

We take great care to stir love into every pot of toffee that comes off our stove! And you can taste it! But don’t take our word for it. You can try any of our delicious flavors – milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sea salt, or our newest edition, white chocolate with orange zest – and see for yourself!